Custom Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems

Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems

WSL partner ALS has been a leader in full service industrial custom vapour compression refrigeration systems for many years. Some of the industrial plants that utilise vapor compression refrigeration systems include natural gas plants, petroleum refineries, and petrochemical plants and most food and beverage processes.

The refrigerating systems for harmful gas or vapour condensation, come in explosion-proof execution, and are carefully designed following the customer’s specifications. The capacity ranges from 30 right up to 2.000 kW, and temperature range is from 0°C to – 80°C.

The simplest explanation of how this system works is like a heat engine working in reverse. Meaning that it is the transfer of heat from a cold reservoir to a hot one. The vapour compression refrigeration cycle includes four elements; compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. It is a compression process, with the aim being to raise the refrigerant pressure, as it flows from the evaporator. The high-pressure refrigerant flows through a condenser/heat exchanger before attaining the initial low pressure and going back to the evaporator.


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