Chambers & Ovens

Climatic Chambers

Kambic Climatic Chambers UK
High quality climate chambers with praised metrological performance. Offering various temperature ranges and volumes.

Calibration Climatic Chambers

C3-50 Calibration climatic chamber
Kambic Calibration Climatic Chambers allow you to calibrate a range of products, such as air temperature and relative humidity sensors.

Peltier Chambers

Kambic Peltier Chambers UK
For environmental simulation, material and stability testing. Peltier system means they are quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly and economical.

Temperature Chambers

Kambic Temperature Chambers UK
Precise and stable temperature chambers available in various volumes covering the temperature range -75°C to +180°C.

Plant Growth Chambers

Plant Growth Chamber
Solution for botanical and agricultural applications, plant pathology, plant tissue culture studies, seed germination studies and plant genetic research.

Stability Chambers

Stability Chamber
Kambic Stability Chambers are the perfect tool for stability testing, the chambers provide a stable, temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

ALS Plant Growth & Stability

Plant Growth & Stability Chamber
ALS's high-quality chambers are efficiently designed, providing small external dimensions, easy use, reduced consumption of energy and high reliability.

Climatic & Thermostatic Chamber

Bulkfrost trans
The high-quality chambers are efficiently designed, providing a range of model sizes and an excellent control panel and software

Air Baths

Kambic Air Baths UK
The Temperature Controlled Chambers have exceptional performance and unbeatable value and are a perfect solution for an ultra-stable environment.

Composite Ovens

Kambic Composite Ovens UK
High temperature curing ovens manufactured in six standard chamber sizes with maximum operating temperature of 300°C. Ideally suited for curing composite materials.

Composite Ovens

Kambic High Temperature Ovens UK
Precision ovens manufactured in four standard chamber sizes with maximum operating temperature of 600°C. Wide range of custom modifications can be added.

Prefabricated Cold Storage Rooms

Cold Rooms
Wide range of cold storage rooms used to preserve vaccines, drugs and other products for the pharmaceutical healthcare industry.

Walk in Chambers

Walk in Chamber
Kambic walk in chambers allow you to simulate different climates and environments with ease and precision to understand the impact on the safety or quality of your products.