Cloud data
The benefits of cloud based data
Cloud data
The benefits of cloud based data

What is “As found data” and “As left data” and why might you need it?

What is As Found Data?

While reviewing calibration certificates, you will have probably come across the terms “As Found” and “As left”. These terms are commonly used on calibration certificates, but what do they mean? The term “As found” is used to label data on calibration certificates, such as those generated by Withnell Sensors. As found data represents the performance results of a test item as it is received and before any adjustments are made. So, this is before any service has taken place including repairs, adjustments or upgrades. This data is collected to determine how your test item is currently performing and whether any further adjustment or repair is required. Another purpose of this data is to validate all processes that have been conducted with the test item since its last calibration or quality ‘check’. As found data provides quality assurance and is often a requirement in many applications, the data provides impartial evidence that the test unit is within specification and was within specification during its applied use.

What is As Left Data?

Therefore, “As left” data, as you would expect, is the final data taken after an adjustment has been made. The ‘As left’ measurement data provides validation for the necessary repairs or adjustments that have been made and it provides assurance that your test item is within specification and ready for another period of use.

How do I know which data I need?

‘As found’ data is generated for all test items. Dependent on the results of the As Found data and your individual requirements will determine whether or not the test unit is adjusted and therefore requires ‘As Left’ data. Our engineers are available to answer any questions about your data both As Found and As Left.

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