SMARTFREEZER® EVO LAB Automated Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

The only fully automated liquid nitrogen freezer

Withnell Sensors is pleased to offer the Smartfreezer automated cryogenic liquid nitrogen freezer from Angelantoni Life Science. The Smartfreezer is the only fully automated ultra-low temperature or cryogenic freezer for individual storage and retrieval of biological vials at -180°C in liquid nitrogen (vapor phase).

This is a robotic solution, fully automating the storage and retrieval of vials containing biological material from liquid nitrogen vapor, at cryogenic temperatures.

Biological samples are only useful when identified and stored correctly, providing the need for a reliable system, protected from accidental or intentional damage and deterioration. That is what this freezer provides with inventory management, traceability, operator safety and sample protection combined into a single device to offer the ultimate solution for Biobanks and Biorepositories.

The biological material is collected, processed, and stored by biorepositories and biobanks for the long term, making them available for future use in research.

The automated liquid nitrogen freezer can store 14.470 vials of 1.0 ml, 8.410 vials of 2,0 ml, 6006 vials of 3,0 ml and 5046 vials of 4,5 ml. The built-in computer system controls the robot to guarantee quick access to the requested sample without the need of any manual action, preventing mix-ups, accidents and wastages that can be caused through human error. All the information about user actions, sample locations, storage conditions and history can easily be exchanged with external L.I.M.S. The robot moves automatically to retrieve the desired sample, placing the vial into a small drawer, and allowing for easy accessibility. The overall time for a sample retrieval is below an impressive 20 seconds.

Sample container compatibilty for the Smart Freezer Evo Lab Cryogenic Freezer

Biological samples that are stored at cryogenic temperatures come in many kinds of containers: straws, bags, plates, boxes, and vials/tubes but not all are compatible with Smartfreezer® EVO LAB. The liquid nitrogen freezer is designed to handle only some specific kind of vials/tubes. There are various models, and each can store only a single type of vials of a specific size. Contact us to find out more about compatibility for the liquid nitorgen freezer.

Avoid samples freezing & thawing

Prevent vials cross contamination

Fully automated storage and retrieval of vials

Cryrogenic temperatures -180°C


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