PlasmaBank Blood Bank Freezers

About the blood bank freezers

Withnell Sensors are elated to offer PlasmaBank by ALS- a line of -30°C blood bank freezers, used for storing blood, plasma, hemoderivatives and plasma derivatives.

All the equipment is certified according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, as a demonstration of the company’s great initiative to manufacture the highest quality and reliability products that can guarantee maximum safety in the storage of biological liquids.

There are two blood bank freezer models available 700L and 900L depending on your preference and a temperature range of - 30 to - 10°C for both models. The Monoblock cabinets are intended for the conservation of blood bags as well as diagnostic drugs, biological material, serums, vaccines and related blood products of small, medium and large hospital transfusion centres, analysis laboratories, research centres, university. Each unit is equipped with a refined alarm system, they guarantee maximum reliability through constant performance monitoring.

We have three other blood bank options- the EmoPlasmaBank, the EmoBank and Hemosafe 2.0, to find the suitable product for you contact us today and find out more about our fridge and blood bank freezer options. We aim to get standard business quotes to customers within one working day. Our specialist technical sales team are always happy to give independent advice and technical support.

Temperature range of -30°C to -10°C

BIOGUARD® keycard system available

700 and 900L Models

Alarm System in Place


Please download the technical data sheets:


We provide validation of all fridge, freezer and chamber units