PlasmaFrost ITeM™ Plasma Blast Freezer

The latest technology in plasma blast freezing: PlasmaFrost ITeM™

The PlasmaFrost ITeM™ is a plasma blast freezer, plasma Blast Freezing, is a certified (Patented) freezing process that brings the plasma bags temperature to -30°C in less than 60 minutes.

The PlasmaFrost ITeM™ is a Medical Device, certified according to the EU Directive 93/42/CEE. It provides complete back traceability of each freezing cycle. It provides maximum freezing efficiency due to the innovative uniformity plates as well as horizontal freezing for the best temperature uniformity. The system also allows the possibility to freeze any kind and shape of soft plasma bags. It also brings increased productivity due the optimised freezing times.

In all models of the plasma blast freezer, the shelves act as freezing elements: the refrigerant flows inside the shelves for the best freezing efficiency while the uniformity plates press the bags to evenly distribute the temperature. The uniformity plates are pre-refrigerated with the chamber empty (i.e. between two freezing cycles). The bags are frozen by conductivity through a direct thermal exchange. The strict relationship between the temperature of the uniformity bag and the one in the core of the bag. The temperature profile of the uniformity plate gives a reliable and precise measure of the temperature of the bag below.

  • Certified according to medical devices directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Fast plasma bags freezing cycle (up to 40 bags in less than 30 minutes)
  • Optimal freezing efficiency and temperature uniformity in all plasma bags
  • Superior freezing shelves and anodized aluminum plates
  • In compliance with the international standards to preserve the integrity of labile plasma factors.
  • Prevents plasma bags mismatches and losses
  • Certifies the success of each blood plasma freezing process
  • Manages the user interface for loading and unloading
  • Always in communication with the control board ColdBrain®.
  • Internal control temperature ensured by the user friendly touch screen panel unit

Complies to EU Reccomandation n° R (95) 15

Plasma bags temp to -30°C under 60 minutes.

24 to 40 bag capacity

Complete back traceability of each freezing cycle


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