NEXUS Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Energy Efficient ULT Freezers (-40°C and -86°C)

Presenting the Angelantoni Life Science ‘NEXUS green’ energy efficient ULT freezers. These models use ‘Inverter technology’ which is extremely energy-efficient compared to traditional fixed speed systems, providing energy savings of up to 30% by comparison. This is because the inverter can control and adapt the operating speed in relation to the required temperature. To avoid continuous starting and stopping, the inverter technology keeps the compressor running constantly and modulates its output according to the programmed temperature. An inverter unit increases its revolutions to achieve the chosen temperature and reduces its revolutions once the temperature is reached, to keep it constant with a minimum expenditure of energy. Unlike a fixed speed system, which starts and stops repeatedly, the inverter system dynamically varies the revolutions of the compressor to obtain the desired temperatures, significantly reducing energy consumption. The NEXUS green models also use natural refrigerants that have very low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Easy opening mechanical handle

The NEXUS green energy efficient ULT freezers have a mechanical handle with a lever-operated opening and closing system that provides easier opening and maximum pressure with minimum effort when closing. This helps to compactly isolate the freezer from the external environment and reduce the formation of ice. The mechanical performance of the handle is also improved with a servo assistance system capable of eliminating friction, making it much easier to open and close the freezer, even with one hand. The handle of the freezer is on the front which allows the freezer to be placed side by side with other equipment.

Great heritage in refrigeration

ALS have had a long presence in refrigeration within the biomedical field, both in research and in industry. Core Angelantoni Life Science and Withnell Sensors beliefs are to try through innovation, to be as socially and environmentally ethical as possible. ALS researches and develops products that have a lower environmental impact, as well as reducing consumption and resources for the community. The Nexus green line represents a natural evolution in the field of energy efficient ULT freezers, which combines technological development and environmental sustainability.

NEXUS Green ULT Freezers come with countless benefits, including;
  • Natural low GWP refrigerants
  • Reduced ice formation
  • Easy opening system with just one hand
  • Low noise levels
  • Freezing uniformity
  • Available in several models (vertical and chest)
  • Energy efficient inverter technology
  • 3 independent microprocessors for Regulation, Alarms and Display.
  • User friendly interface
  • Touch screen with intuitive icon surfing
  • Innovative features that reduce consumption and allow continuous monitoring of parameters.
  • Back-up battery (up to 48 hours)
  • Maximum connectivity using 3G communication modules or Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) interior which prevents rust & minimises ice formation.
  • Efficient inventory system with racks and boxes.
  • Sealed cooling system based on a proprietary “cascade” cycle for model at -86°C

The electronic management of all ultra-low temperature freezers is provided by the latest generation controller that optimises performance and functionality as well as allowing simple remote adjustment and monitoring of the freezer.

Eco Friendly Technology

Two ranges -40°C and -86°C

Always key lockable

Several models (vertical & chest)


We provide validation of all fridge, freezer and chamber units