EmoPlasmaBank Series Blood Fridge Freezers

Blood Fridge Freezers

Withnell Sensors are excited to offer Emoplasmabank by ALS- a blood fridge freezer combined unit with one compartment at +4°C and another chamber at -20°C, used for storing blood, plasma, hemoderivatives and plasma derivatives.

All the equipment is certified according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, and reflects our partner ALS’s great commitment to manufacturing high quality and high reliability products that can guarantee maximum safety in the storage of biological liquids.

The Emoplasmabank series are equipped with two separate compressors, one for each compartment. Each compressor is controlled by a dedicated microprocessor controller. The models have one 7” display, which is able to control the two compressors independently.

Sizes range from 300L to 1500L depending on what best suits your requirements and all products all use gases that are natural or that have a very low environmental impact.

Having a combined unit allows you to store samples at different temperatures based on the requirements of each sample and the stage of storage it is at. The units are incredibly quiet and are also low energy consumption and eco friendly. We have a number of fridges and freezers available, so make sure you take a look at our full range, you can also download the ALS brochure here or speak to one of our dedicated sales team.

Two compartments at +4°C and -20°C

BIOGUARD® keycard system available

Series includes machines from 300 to 1500L

Eco Friendly & Low Energy Consumption


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Take a look at the Emoplasmabank models technical data sheets;