ALS Medical Waste Steriliser

Waster® Medical Waste Treatment

Withnell Sensors are proud to partner Waster® which is a new generation of medical waste treatment technology. It is the most advanced medical waste sterliser design carried out by Angelantoni Life Science, a leader in Infectious Control.

What does it do?

The biological risk related to the management of infected and hazardous solid waste (BSL 2 ÷4) generated by hospitals, healthcare centers, surgery clinics and BSL-rated labs can be successfully reduced to zero by means of the steam sterilization, the only thermal process capable to sterilize with a SAL of 10-6 (equivalent to a 6log bioburden reduction) any solid waste introduced inside the pressure vessel, Including bacteria and viruses.

How does it do it?

WaSter® is designed ground-up for handling hospital waste and implements a built-in shredder which is located inside the autoclave chamber above the internal trolley in order to avoid the exposure of the users to biological risks and in the same time to keep high the air quality in the surrounding working space. WaSter® is designed with compact equipment, providing a reduced carbon footprint, and requiring less space for installation. WaSter® combines a preliminary shredding phase with the application of a deep vacuum, removing any trace of air from the load and therefore preventing the cold spots and incomplete sterilisation..

Compliance & Safety

WaSter® complies with international standards applicable for the hospital sterilization operations and it is capable to execute a decontamination process that can be validated with biological indicators to prove the sterilization of the Biohazard waste, including Bio Safety Level class 3 / 4 rated solid waste).


Three Steps to Safe & Sterile Waste


Trituration- through shredding

Sterilisation- via satured steam

Drying via deep vacuum

Discharge of sterile material