Angelantoni Life Science (ALS) Laboratory, Medical & Industrial Cooling Equipment


Angelantoni Life Science- Industry Leader and Innovator

Withnell Sensors Ltd is thrilled to partner and represent the well established and renowned brand Angelantoni Life Science (ALS).

Angelantoni Life Science is a sub-holding entirely controlled by Angelantoni Industrie, and an international leader in the manufacturing of cold and cryogenic equipment and advanced systems in healthcare and in biotechnology. ALS is intensely involved in the innovation of technological solutions to sustain the continuously increasing global demand for improved life conditions.

ALS develops a broad range of standard and special equipment for Research Centres, Hospitals, Laboratories, Academia and Pharma industry. Angelantoni Life Science is present in more than 40 countries and can be an ideal partner in Science and Technology.

Giuseppe Angelantoni founded the ALS brand in 1932, specialising in the cold storage technique. He would not even have imagined that, years later, his very surname would have become a synonym for “cold storage engineering”. His ingenious work has passed through significant cold technology applications, some of which are patented, such as: the first test chamber at -60°C in 1954; the first autonomous vehicle-driven food transport system in 1956; the first freezer in Europe at -104°C in 1961 with mechanical cooling, without LN2.

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